Terminally Optimistic – someone calls me that a lot.

I always look for the best in everything. Some have said it’s a birth defect. I think it’s a blessing.

I am a:

  • Nature lover – Love to be outside, wherever I am there’s always something there to enjoy.
  • Motorcyclist – One of my biggest pleasures, for those of you who have never done it, maybe I can explain why it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had.
  • Animal lover – Yep, all of them, flying, walking, crawling, swimming.
  • Gardener – Brag Warning – Grew all the veggies needed for this winter! Well, almost, not enough potatoes or onions.  I’ve gotta get that root cellar!
  • Fisherman – Ok, I’m not that good – see “Animal Lover”.  Plus I don’t really like to eat them; but then again, it gets me outside!
  • Amateur photographer – I’ve always loved taking pics, thank goodness for digital! Now maybe I’ll take the time to learn what I’m doing.
  • Rock hound -This is probably another reason I’m not so good at fishing.  I am the proud owner of over 200 heart shaped rocks, they are just everywhere.  I am also beginning to make jewelry out the rocks I find.  Note: always, always, check my pockets before putting clothes in the wash.
  • Scuba diver – I have a really hard time coming up; I like it better underwater than on land.  We need a tropical beach in Montana… bad.

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