Isn’t it funny how life works? Sometimes life just doesn’t turn out like you thought, things change, sometimes bad things happen. The solid ground you had stood on shifts a little, things start to fall apart, your “normal” life disappears. Then you start to question what you worked so hard for, what you believed in, why you took the path you did to begin with.

How clearly you see the mistakes you made, the things you couldn’t change and what you would have changed. The people you shouldn’t have trusted. The path you didn’t take. Ahhhh, hindsight.

So many people are going through (or have gone through) change right now. Not the good kind. Does that make me feel better? No, of course not. I am determined to take my lessons for what they are, and move on; into a better place. I know that if I choose to look there is always blue sky above the clouds waiting. Maybe it’ll rain a little more, maybe not. But after the rain, it’s always brighter; the air is fresher, cleaner. You just have to stop and feel it, breathe it in. The good, the bad, the change.

The reality is we are alive; and this is what life is made of, changes. Up, down, good, bad, happy, sad. Life turns every which way, taking you with it.
We evolve. We Become. In the end, we are.

On closer reflection, I find my strengths. What have I become? What can I take away from this? What have I learned? What will make me stronger, more flexible, wiser, and truer to myself?

What. Will. I. Learn?

What were those dreams I had anyway? You know, the ones I put away so long ago, making my way to my “real” life, my “adult” life. They’re still there, hiding up above the shelf, just above the reflection of my reality, waiting for me to come back, dust them off and pick them up.

I remember those moments when the stars aligned just so, creating that perfect magic when I stepped out into the moonlight, when star dust rained on my head…I remember that electric feeling when everything felt perfect. I was strong. I was invincible. Energy flowed through me.

Do you remember when you felt that way? Can you feel it? We’ve all had those moments, that strength, that power, felt the energy that comes during the creation of something great. That’s still there too, right beside our dreams, waiting.

How do we re-create that success? How do we feel that strength, that power, that freedom?

How do we feel that damn good again?

That’s what I’m after. That’s where I’m going. This is my start. My re-creation.

How lucky I am that I get to re-invent myself, or better yet let me say – grab those dreams I never made time for. This is very exciting, and very scary; but as I’ve always said,

“I’ve never done anything worthy that didn’t scare the hell out of me first.”